SWIS 2020 Rescheduled Due To Coronavirus

Update March 19, 2020

Over the last few days we’ve seen the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation escalate; the Ontario Health Minister has recommended all large gatherings should be rescheduled or cancelled.

It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you SWIS 2020 will NOT be running on October 2-4, 2020 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

SWIS 2020 will be RESCHEDULED to the Spring of 2021. The safety and well-being of the SWIS community is my highest priority. I will be giving you full updates, announcing new dates for SWIS 2021, as soon as possible.

Hotel Room Reservations

If you have booked a hotel room for the October 2-4 dates, the hotel will cancel your reservation this Friday without penalty. Hilton Hotel will do all the work; you don't need to do anything on your part. You will receive an email from the hotel verifying the reservation has been cancelled. Once we have the new SWIS 2021 dates, the Hilton will gladly rebook your rooms, honouring the same rate.

I want to thank you if you registered for SWIS 2020. I appreciate your support in me, and the SWIS community in presenting the best symposium possible. I am currently working with the Hilton Hotel to find a new date in either March, April or May of 2021. You will be the first to know the date, and your registration will be applied to that date or you can get a full refund.

This unfortunate situation has inspired me to create an even greater SWIS community through online education, podcasts, webinars, virtual seminars, virtual networking, masterclasses and memberships... I want you to be a part of it.

You have already demonstrated to me that you are very interested in being part of the SWIS community by registering so far in advance, taking advantage of the low registration price. I am looking for people like yourself, to create and develop new SWIS educational material, referral systems and educational strategies. Looking at your social media profile, it’s easy to see each of us has an expertise that we could learn from each other.

Once we have the date for SWIS 2021, your registration will be applied from SWIS 2020 to SWIS 2021. As a thank you for your support and loyalty, you will receive additional educational incentives as listed below:

1. Access to all of the SWIS videos from 1999 to 2018. This will start immediately, giving you full access for two years. This includes over 350 ninety minute videos of all the top presenters over the years. Value $199.00

2. You will receive all of the SWIS 2021 videos after the symposium is done. You will have lifetime access to these videos. Value $299.00

3. You will receive a one year SWIS Professional Membership. Value $99.00

This membership will include:

a. Access to all the monthly webinars and masterclasses I will be holding on various topics.

b. Reviews and notes of seminars I have attended over the years, giving you all the information in a condensed and practical form.

c. The membership will also include a referral program, allowing you to refer clients to other health and fitness professionals, along with receiving referrals from other SWIS community health and fitness professionals.

d. This membership will also allow me to work with you personally, one on one, helping to guide and develop your business. Understanding your specific business needs, I will guide you to material tailored to your specific needs, including SWIS videos. Helping you become a "Go To" person in your local area, in the field that you love, is my goal.

e. Access to my presentations, including videos and powerpoints of future seminars will also be included.

f. With this Coronavirus, I am making a special membership website section to share many nutritional protocols that can help boost your immune system and also combat viruses. My chiropractic association has stated not to discuss this on social media, but I will in the membership. I will also discuss different interventions such as low dose airborne Ozone and UVC at 253 nm that kills the virus. I have been in contact with many SWIS presenters and they have been telling me the most powerful protocols that I want to share with you.

4. Access to my upcoming Online Exercise Muscle Testing Certification course I will be releasing soon. Value $299.00

5. Access to my Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program - H.E.L.P. This is the nutritional guidance program I developed in the clinic to do successful nutritional programming. Value $99.00

I look forward to seeing you at SWIS 2021 and working with you over this next year. In times of challenge, I think it’s paramount we all work together, helping one another to expand and grow, ensuring our success.

If you wish to get a full refund on your SWIS 2020 registration, email me back at [email protected] that you want to have a refund and I will start this process shortly.

If you wish to be a part of the SWIS community, working with me, and many other health and fitness professionals over the next year, email me back at [email protected] to say you want to apply the SWIS 2020 registration to the SWIS 2021 registration. This ensures the many incentives as listed above, will be provided to you, a total value of $995.00.

Again, thank you for your understanding and support in this difficult time. I look forward to you being a part of the SWIS community, working together.

If you have any questions or concerns and wish to contact me please email me at [email protected] or my personal cell number at 647-444-7947


Dr. Ken Kinakin

P.S. Some people have been asking can they still register so they can get the low registration price and all the educational incentives stated in the letter above...the answer is yes.



What Is The SWIS 2020 Symposium?

It’s a fact. Weight Training, Rehab, Treatment, Nutrition continually changes. And that’s why over the past 20 years, thousands of the world’s best health and fitness professionals have descended upon the SWIS Symposium to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW.

Now, it’s your turn to see the Top Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Doctors, Therapists, Trainers, Strength Coaches, and Nutritionists presenting all their best information at SWIS 2020!

If you’re a personal trainer, strength coach, powerlifter, bodybuilder, chiropractor, medical doctor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, osteopath, nutritionist, or a weight training athlete, SWIS 2020 Symposium is YOUR event. Welcome home.

80 Speakers - 1000 Attendees - 65 Sessions

Date: October 2 - 4, 2020

Place: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, which is just outside of Toronto.

Super Duper Early Registration

The Super Duper Early Registration Fee will be $369.00 Canadian or $280.00 US.


Group Registration

You can also get a group discount if you have 3 or more people where you get $50.00 off your registration so it will be $319.00 Canadian or $245.00 US.


Birthday Gift Registration

Don't know what to get someone special...because they have everything. Do they love training and enjoy learning everything about training. Get them a registration to SWIS 2020 and get $27.00 off registration.


Student Registration

The Super Duper Early Registration Fee for Fulltime Students will be $249.00 Canadian or $195.00 US.


SWIS 2020 Hotel

Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale 
6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 2L3, Canada 
$114.00 Canadian $90.00 US



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Confirmed SWIS 2020 Presenters

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SWIS 2020 Details

Hilton Hotel Mississauga/Meadowvale

Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale
6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 2L3, Canada


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Map of SWIS 2020 Symposium and Hotel

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Friday-October 2-8:00 am-6:00 pm
Saturday -October 3-8:00 am-8:00 pm
Sunday October 4-8:00 am-4:00 pm


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