FAQ - I just want to see one presentation, can I pay just to see that?

Unfortunately no. We cannot logistically monitor that. You can however purchase the video of the presentation afterwards.

FAQ - I can only make it for one day, do you have one day prices?   

Unfortunately no. We cannot set that up with the symposium scheduled to sell out. It is logistically too hard to monitor the numbers.

FAQ - I cannot make the symposium, will there be an online streaming of the presentations?

At this time no. If I am able to find an inexpensive way to do it with high quality by the fall, that maybe an option. My focus right now is the live event and taking care of the presenters and delegates.

FAQ - Are you videotaping the sessions and will they be available for purchase afterwards?

Yes all the sessions will be videotaped and will be available for purchase 8 weeks after the symposium so they can be edited.

FAQ - CEU/ CEC Will there be Continuing Education Units/Credits for the Delegates?
Yes. I am applying to Canfit Pro, CPTN, Chiropractic Associations

FAQ - I see you are running five presentation streams at the same time. How do I preregister for these sessions?

There is no registration for any sessions, you can go to any presentation, and if you change your mind and want to check out another presentation, no problem. You just might have to stand if there is no seats available. Each of the rooms will be able to hold close to 200 people, so it should be alright. We didn’t have any problems in the past when we did it this way. If you want to make sure you get a seat in a certain presentation, show up early. There is 30 minute breaks between each presentation.

FAQ - There is more than one presenter I want to see at the same time. How do I deal with this?

This is what I call a quality problem. My recommendation is to go to the session where you want to ask a burning question to the presenter. Also the interactive sessions like Dr. David Leaf’s muscle testing presentation would be a good one to go to if that interests you since its hard to learn the specific angle and amount of pressure needed on a video. All the sessions will be professionally videotaped and will be available to the symposium delegates at a massive discount.

FAQ - Who is the Symposium For?

Generally, it is for the intermediate to advanced weight-training athlete, personal trainers, strength coaches, chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists and medical doctors. Specifically, the symposium is for intermediate to advanced weight-training athletes that are non-competitive or competitive in bodybuilding, powerlifting, figure, fitness, physique and bikini. You will learn advanced techniques on training, supplements, eating plans, rehab and learn how different injuries are treated. It is also for the intermediate to advanced personal trainer or strength coach that is interested in learning new training techniques, nutritional protocols, and help how to rehab weight-training injuries. They will also learn the strategies that doctors and therapists use to fix weight-training injuries so they can intelligently refer their clients to the appropriate healthcare professional for treatment and also get referrals from them for rehab and training. Lastly it is for chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists and medical doctors who are interested in sports medicine and wants to focus part of their practice on weight-training athletes. They will meet and network with high level personal trainers and strength coaches that they can refer their clients to for specific rehab and also get patient referrals from them.

FAQ - Who is the Symposium Not For?

The symposium informational level will be intermediate to advanced and more slanted to advanced then intermediate. So if you are a beginner and have only been weight training for a few months, this will be over your head information. If you have been training longer then 6 months and know the names of the exercises and want to learn some new techniques...then come


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